Tobiasz Daszkiewicz | Resume
Tobiasz Headshots
Jupitar Ascending Stunts Andy and Lana Wachowski
How To Catch A Monster Stunts Ryan Gosling
Caretaker Stunts Marty Murray
Man Of Steel Stunts Zack Snyder
Jimmy Stunts Mark Freiburger
At Any Price Dean Driving Double Ramin Bahrami
The Dark Knight Rises Stunt Cop Christopher Nolan
The Last Rites Of Joe May Joe May Double Joe Maggio
Contagion Utility Stunts Steven Soderbergh
30 Minutes Or Less Nick Driving Double Ruben Fleischer
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Lennox Soldier Michael Bay
The Dilemma Stunt Driver/Bar Patron Ron Howard
Little Fockers Stunt Driver Paul Weitz
Little Murders Barry Double Gaga Antonijevic
No God No Master Flynn Double Terry Green
Stone Inmate John Curran
Conviction Guy Behind Kenny Tony Goldwyn
Gun Stunt Cop Jesse Terrero
Chicago Overcoat Sonny Double Brian Caunter
Public Enemies Bank Guard Michael Mann
Prayers For Bobby Stunt Safety Russell Mulcahy
The Unborn Henry David S. Goyer
Nothing Like The Holidays Edy Double Alfredo De Villa
The Time Traveler's Wife Truck Driver Robert Schwentke
Eagle Eye Stunt Cop D.J. Caruso
Ca$h! Stunt Cop Steve Anderson
The Dark Knight Joker Thug/Stunt Cop Christopher Nolan
Wanted Stunt Driver Gary Hymes 2nd Unit
Witless Protection M.I.B. Double/ N.S.A. Guy Charles Carner
The Merry Gentleman Frank Double Michael Keaton
Fred Claus Stunt Santa David Dobkin
Death Of A President Goggle Man Gabriel Range
Cheaper By The Dozen 2 Tom Driving Double Bob Brown 2nd Unit
Saving Shiloh Stunt Safety Sandy Tung
The Breakup Water Safety Peyton Reed
Stranger Than Fiction Bus Stunt Driver Marc Forster
The Lake House Bus Driver Alejandro Agresti
Roll Bounce Stunt Safety Malcolm D. Lee
All The King's Men Stunt Driver Steven Zaillian
Silent Scream Dark Figure Matt Cantu
Amityville Horror Water Safety Andrew Douglas
Batman Begins Stunt Driver Christopher Nolan
The Ice Harvest Semi Truck Driver Harold Ramis
The Weather Man Don Boden Double/Skater Gore Verbinski
Proof Limo Driver John Madden
Barbershop 2 Fire Truck Driver Kevin Sullivan
Outing Riley Ninja Pete Jones
Keep Your Distance Whit Double Stu Pollard
The In-laws Taxi Driver/Jerry Double Andy Fleming
Super Sucker Howard Double Jeff Daniels
Novocaine Utility Stunt David Atkins
Suspended Animation Tom Double John Hancock
Hardball Bar Patron Brian Robbins
The Watcher Utility Stunt Jeff Jenson 2nd Unit
Save The Last Dance Big Rig Driver Thomas Carter
Children On Their Birthdays Bus Driver Mark Medoff
Joshua Stunt Safety John Purdy
Rocky & Bullwinkle Fruit Stand Vendor Double Des McAnuff
Payback Chow Courier Double Brian Helgeland
New Port South Mental Patient Kyle Cooper
White Boyz Flip Double Marc Levin
Betaville Tony Double Tom Small
U.S. Marshals Utility Stunts Stuart Baird
Mercury Rising Utility Stunts Harold Becker
Under The Bus Bass Player Ashby Richardson
Chicago Fire Severide Double Many
Chicago PD Voight Double Many
Betrayal Jack Double Many
Mind Games Stunts Many
Crises Stunts Many
Sirens Johnny Double Many
The Mob Doctor Multiple Roles Many
Doubt Stunts Thomas Schlamme
Powers Walker Double Michael Dinner
Boss Stunt Cop Jean De Segnozac
Cooper And Stone Stunts John Dahl
Shameless Multiple Roles Many
Chicago Code Multiple Roles Many
The Line Stunt Driver Michael Dinner
The Prince of Motor City Jamie Double Jack Bender
The Beast Ellis Double Michael Dinner
Leverage Stunt Cop Dean Devlin
C.S.I. New York Stunt Cop Rob Bailey
The Enemies Bridle Thug #1 F. Gary Gray
Prison Break - Season 1 Transport Guard
Lincoln Double; Bellick Double
Jace Alexander
Michael Watkins
E.R. Multiple Roles Many
Early Edition Multiple Roles Many
T.U.R.K.S. Fancy Shoes
Teen No. 2
Robert Singer
David Grossman
Michael Engler
General Electric Bus Driver Brett Morgen
Illinois State Lottery Van Driver Peter Martin
KIA Precision Driver Doo Man Kim
Allstate Insurance Precision Driver David Cornell
Hyundai Precision Driver Ho Wong
Chicago Wolves Hockey Player A. Khouri
Infiniti Precision Driver Twist Gondry
Pepsi Cola Stunt Safety Wayne Isham
McDonalds Stunt Driver Steve Esheiman
Six Flags St. Louis Hombre Mick Davidson
Southern Illinois University Bachelor of Fine Arts - Theater Major
College of DuPage Associates in Arts - Theater Major
Six Flags St. Louis Live Stunt Shows
Fighting - Hand to Hand, Weapons; Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Tsang Tsudo, Highfalls, Firearms, Horse Work, Football, Volleyball, Canoeing, Kayaking, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Hockey-Ice/Rollerblades, Scuba, Rappelling, Mountain Climbing
Illinois Commercial Drivers License - Doubles, Triples, Tanker

Precision and Stunt Driving With:
Cars, Trucks, Buses, Speedboats, Zodiaks, Waverunners, Jet Skis, Kayaks, Snowmobiles, Bicycles, Motorcycles, A.T.V.s, U.T.V.s, Fork Trucks, Bobcats, Tractors, Dozers, Backhoes

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